Notable numbers reached in Syracuse during the last 24 hours


Syracuse and portions of central and northern New York have had some notable numbers over the last 24 hours or so. Then again, it is about time our area received more December-like conditions.

Rough travelling conditions occurred Wednesday morning and midday due to a combination of snow, wind and cold temperatures. When consistent snow occurs with temperatures in the Teens or lower, the salt brine mixture is less effective in melting the snow. This morning, it was actually colder. However, since the amount of snow was much lower last night through this morning, road conditions were much better across our area for this morning's commute.

Speaking of snow and cold, here are some notable numbers that our area has not seen in many months:
--Syracuse received 8.9" of snow Wednesday. This was the most snowfall in a day since March 14th.
--Wednesday morning's high temperature in Syracuse was only 18 degrees. That was easily the coldest day of the season by over 10 degrees and was the coldest high temperature since March 11th (17 degrees).
--Thursday morning's low temperature in Syracuse was 8 degrees. This is the coldest temperature in Syracuse since March 13th (6 degrees).
--Thursday morning's low temperature in Watertown was -6 degrees (below zero). This is the coldest temperature since January 9th (-18 degrees below zero).

Temperatures again today will likely remain in the Teens today. In addition, there is some new lake effect snow that will occur across parts of our area. To get specifics about this click here for a video and text forecast.

If you want to send us a picture or video, please go to our mobile app and click on the “see it send it” Burst application. It is a quick and easy way of sharing your videos and pictures!

IMPORTANT NOTE about Syracuse records:
--Records between 1950 and now are kept at Syracuse Hancock International Airport (which is technically North Syracuse).
--Records between 1902 and 1949 were kept in downtown Syracuse mostly at firehouses.
--While the distance between the 2 places is less than 10 miles, there is some difference between these 2 locations on average for both temperatures and snowfall.
--Typically, Hancock Airport will receive more snowfall on average than downtown Syracuse. This is due to being closer to stronger Lake Ontario lake effect snow bands before they weaken as they move southward.
--Typically, downtown Syracuse will be milder than North Syracuse due to the "urban heat island" affect from downtown buildings versus an open field of an airport runway.

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