Nothing criminal found in text about school shooting in North Country

An investigation into a text sent by a Northern New York student reveals there was no school shooting plot in the works.

State Police say a 14-year-old Thousand Island student was seen sending a text talking about a possible school shooting.

The student later told police he was texting about a story not a plan to carrying out a school shooting.

Police say there is no evidence the student who received the text had any part in its construction or planning. The text did not list the school where the shooting would take place and did not list any specific people.

State Police alerted the Thousand Island School and continued the investigation. During interviews with the student who sent the text, he explained that the text was formed to be more of a "Hunger Games" type story, not a school shooting plan.

Police say their investigation did not reveal any intent to commit any crimes.

All parents in the case were fully cooperative. No one was arrested and no arrests are expected.

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