Number of CNY flu cases continues to increase

Flu (CNYCentral File Photo)

Federal health officials are reporting a steep increase in flu activity nationwide.

The number of states reporting widespread flu activity has doubled.

In Onondaga County, the latest numbers show 71 cases in the week of Dec .23 — which is up more than 60 cases since the beginning of the month.

There have been a total of 158 cases in the county so far this season.

Most of those infected did not get a flu shot — something doctors recommend for anyone aged 6 months and older.

With kids back to school after the holiday break, health officials said more people are potentially exposed.

"This is the time to get vaccinated for the flu. It is effective and even if you do get the flu, unfortunately, after getting, being vaccinated, you'll tend to get a much milder version of the flu if you are vaccinated," said Luis Castro, of St. Joseph's Hospital Primary Care Center.

Doctors encourage people to keep your hands washed and get vaccinated to protect yourself and your family.

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