SPOILER ALERT: NYS Fair Butter Sculpture revealed

What will the 2018 Butter Sculpture look like?

The New York State Fair just unveiled this year's butter sculpture. The 50th annual Butter Sculpture was made from 800 pounds of butter.

Each year is a new theme and it is one of the fair's most popular attractions.

**Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers about this year's butter sculpture.**

It will be on display throughout the Fair in the Dairy Building.

This year the theme is "Your Milk Comes From A Good Place!" It pays tribute to New York's dairy farmers. The sculpture shows a farmer giving milk directly to a shopper in the grocery aisle.

The fair says the farm’s name, ‘Over The Moon Dairy Farm,’ is a tribute to the inaugural 1969 Butter Sculpture, which originally depicted a “Cow Jumping Over The Moon.”

Bret Bossard of Barbland Dairy in Fabius, N.Y. says, “This 50th Anniversary year of the Butter Sculpture is a great way to remind consumers that dairy is local and responsibly produced by farmers who care about their cows, their land and their communities."

Last years's edition of the butter sculpture paid tribute to the New York State Police, who have served in the state for a century.

The year before it was a tribute to the Olympic Games in Rio.

When the Fair is over, the butter will go to Noblehurst Farms in Linwood, N.Y. The fair says it will be recycled in a methane digester to create electricity and liquid fertilizer for crops.

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