O'Brien & Gere completes move to downtown

Monday was day one of the new downtown headquarters for employees at O'Brien & Gere. For more than 20 years the firm, which specializes in engineering, science, and construction work, was located in DeWitt. Now it's on West Washington Street o n the edge of Armory Square.

About 300 employees work in the new $28 million building. It's an open office working environment. The offices have glass walls, and plants are growing on the "green roof."

CEO Terry Brown says the new downtown location is very important in attracting the best and brightest workers that want to be in an urban setting.

"For economic development, we have to have a strong center core, and we really do," says Brown. "We're at the heart of cultural Central New York with Upstate University, Syracuse University, ESF. We're a part of Central New York much more now that we're downtown, and I think we can make a higher contribution to the community."

The building is energy efficient. So far, O'Brien & Gere is the only tenant, but more are expected.

This move was announced more than two years ago.

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