Ohio police chief takes criminals to task on Facebook page

Criminals caught in one pocket of northeast Ohio are likely headed for public embarrassment at the hands of a small-town police chief and his many Facebook fans.

Chief David Oliver has embraced his Brimfield Township department's Facebook page to communicate with residents, rant about various topics and criticize criminals, whom he calls "mopes." His mix of humor and blunt opinion draws the attention of others well beyond his town.

In the past year, the "likes" for the page increased tenfold to more than 49,000. That's more than four times the number of residents the department serves.

Oliver is capitalizing on that popularity by pitching mugs and T-shirts with "no mopes" logos to raise money for school security improvements.

He says it's about accountability and creating change, not gaining attention.

Oliver even posted a response the the AP's coverage of the page. The post read in part, "The main thing I want to convey this morningâ?¦.some of you have been getting upset over some of the comments posted on the various sites running the story. Donâ??t let it bother you. I donâ??t read the comments, because most are written by internet trolls who are miserable with their own lives. They have keyboard courage."

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