Oil leaks from Fitzpatrick Nuclear plant into Lake Ontario

A sheen is visible from the air in Lake Ontario near the Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Scriba, New York, approximately 10 miles northeast of Oswego, New York, June 26, 2016. A Coast Guard Auxiliary air crew noticed the sheen during a flight and reported it to Coast Guard Sector Buffalo. (U.S. Coast Guard photo)

SCRIBA, N.Y. -- Entergy, the owner of the James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear plant that sits on the banks of Lake Ontario, confirms that an oil sheen discovered on the great lake came from the plant.

The plant has been shut down since Friday afternoon, according to an Entergy spokesperson, when the loss of power affected the water pumps at the plant.

A tank that stores lubrication oil overfilled due to an apparent equipment failure, an Entergy release said, and then the oil made its way to Lake Ontario through a water discharge canal. Entergy confirms the equipment that discharges water to the lake has been turned off.

The company stated that, "while this oil contains no PCBs, is non-radioactive, non-hazardous and has low potential health effects, any unintended release to Lake Ontario is not in accordance with Entergy's standards."

"We are taking appropriate actions to mitigate the environmental consequence from this event and working closely with appropriate local, state and federal agencies," said Brian Sullivan, FitzPatrick's site vice president. "We have identified the source of the oil, stopped the leak and put protective absorbent material and barriers in place to help mitigate additional oil from reaching the lake. Environmental protection is a hallmark of our operations, and we are taking all appropriate actions."

Entergy announced in November 2015 that they would be closing the plant in 2017.

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