Oneida man arrested for 2nd time this month for impersonating a sheriff's deputy

Christopher DeFazio (Madison County Sheriff's Office)

A Madison County man has been arrested a second time for impersonating a police officer.

According to the Madison County Sheriff's Office, Christopher J. DeFazio, 22, of Oneida, was arrested on Monday and charged with Criminal Impersonation in the 1st degree after he posed as a deputy sheriff.

A person came forward on Dec. 7 and filed a police report with the Sheriff's Office, reporting he was driving on Genesee St. in the city of Oneida on Oct. 11 when DeFazio drove his red pickup truck at a high rate of speed behind the victim's vehicle and conducted a traffic stop on him by activating a siren in his vehicle, according to authorities.

The victim pulled his vehicle over into a parking lot and then DeFazio told the victim that he was an off-duty deputy sheriff.

A search warrant was executed on DeFazio’s pickup truck where several police items were located. Some of the items seized were handcuffs, police clothing, a siren box with a microphone, speaker and PA system.

This is the second time this month that DeFazio has been arrested for posing as a police officer. He was taken into custody on Dec. 3 for criminal impersonation in the 2nd degree when he posed as a deputy sheriff.

In that incident, deputies said DeFazio was allegedly involved in a road rage incident on Oct. 20 and was dressed in a security officer uniform and claimed to be with the Madison County Sheriff's office.

DeFazio allegedly shined a flashlight in the eyes of the other driver and then appeared to be calling for police backup on a radio.

After the incident, deputies say DeFazio called 911 to report the other driver. Investigators determined he impersonated a deputy.

Defazio was issued an appearance ticket directing him to appear at the Oneida City Court on Jan. 18.

The Sheriff’s Office is still seeking any information of other incidents of DeFazio impersonating a police officer.

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