Onondaga Board of Elections pushing to move March elections

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When you think of voting season, you probably think of November.

However in Onondaga County, there are several villages that will vote next week.

There is a push from some candidates and county officials to move the vote to November.

Towns that have moved the vote in the past have seen a large spike in voter turnout.

The Village of East Syracuse saw a 53 percent increase in voter turnout.

The Village of Solvay saw a 66 percent increase in turnout.

The Village of Tully saw the highest increase with 917 percent.

Villages can choose to have elections in March, June or November.

The Onondaga County Board of Elections has been pushing for years to move all village elections to November.

Dustin Czarny is the Onondaga County Board of Elections commissioner.

"All taxpayers should have a right to choose their leadership and if it's easier to do that in November they should be allowed to do that," Czarny said.

Czarny said shifting all elections to November is the way to go.

He points to high voter turnout in villages that have made the change.

Baldwinsville is one village voting next week.

Eric Reinagel is running for board of trustees.

He is one candidate who would rather run in November.

"I think that would far to help our turnout improve. Right now, we get about one percent of the population that turns out to these elections," Reinagel said.

However, not everyone in Baldwinsville is on board with an election date change.

Baldwinsville Mayor, Richard Clarke, said local issues would get lost in the general election.

Reinagel disagrees.

"I want voter turnout, so people have a voice and we can properly represent then and their interests moving forward," Reinagel said.

Andy Dryden is one of the trustees running against Reinagel.

He would like to keep election day in March.

He said it will help keep Baldwinsville elections and politics local.

Czarny said, out of 15 villages in Onondaga County, four now hold elections in November.

"I think it's better for the voter. I think that's why our office has pushed for this. That's simpler for the voter. Most people tune into elections around November," Czarny said.

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