Onondaga County considers raising age to purchase tobacco

Onondaga County considers raising age to purchase tobacco

Rocky's Cigars owner, Mike Glynn - a smoker himself - says he approves of any law that aims to prevent young people from consuming tobacco, especially cigarettes.

"We specialize in all kinds of tobacco; the cigarette category, though, probably could use this. They've been historically catering to start young smokers into the habit," Glynn said.

Mike isn't concerned about declining sales under the considered change. He estimates people under 21 only account for about five percent of his sales.

"I do believe that youth smokers have dropped off. They've done a very good job discouraging youth smokers from starting," he shared.

But Julie Hart, from the American Cancer Society, said it is those that are under the age of 21 that she is particularly worried about.

"Tobacco use, cigarette use, it's not something that people pick up as adults; kids are the target market for the tobacco industry. A lot of people think we've won the war on tobacco but the rates in Onondaga are staggering. They're really high. About 20 percent of the population smokes," Hart said.

The American Cancer Society told us it is a number that could go down if the tobacco age is raised in Onondaga County.

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