Onondaga Lake Watershed meeting set for Monday

You are invited to Monday night's public forum on improving water quality on the land that drains into Onondaga Lake

The group that oversees the water quality of Onondaga Lake is reaching beyond the lakeshore to improve the whole watershed--the area that drains into the lake.

The Onondaga Lake Partnership hosts a public forum Monday evening at the Genesee Grande (east Genesee Street by Route 81) to get public input on shaping the future of the watershed. Brandi Lee Schafran, with the Onondaga Lake Partnership, says people who come can suggest any topics aimed at improving water quality in streams, groundwater or other sources that end up flowing into the lake itself, over hundreds of square miles.

The public forum is Monday 5 - 8:30, she also promises free food for participants. Check the partners website or call 315 472-2150 for more information.

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