Oswego City School District investigating report of a child left in a school vehicle

(Courtesy: Earl Gardner)

The Oswego City School District is investigating a report of a young child left alone in a school vehicle.

Earl Gardner said he was waiting outside a North Syracuse middle school to make sure his grandson got dropped off safely for his first day of summer school.

He said he noticed a woman leave a child in the back of a vehicle. He stayed there to make sure the child was okay and started recording.

"The lady came back within three minutes," said Gardner.

"We made sure she brought the little girl to school and that she wasn't going anywhere else and then I called the bus garage."

Oswego superintendent Dean Goewey told CNY Central they are aware of the report and their investigation should wrap up this week.

"Student safety is our number one priority," said Goewey. "We take the report very seriously."

On Wednesday the girl's father told CNY Central it was his daughter, who has special needs, that was left in the vehicle.

We are displeased on what happened and how this is being handled," said the father, who asked not to be named.

"We're looking for the appropriate avenues to handle this situation to make sure it doesn't happen to our child or any other child."

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