Attempted demolition of beaver dam to blame for "deafening" Oswego explosion

Emergency crews are on the scene at a reported explosion in New Haven. \ MGN

NEW HAVEN, OSWEGO COUNTY -- The 911 Center in Oswego County has been getting calls from neighbors concerned about a loud boom they heard Tuesday evening. The calls to 911 have been coming from the Mexico and New Haven areas. People are reporting the loud noise shook their homes.

Oswego County 911 says State Police are investigating the explosion which they say was the result of a man using tannerite to blow up a beaver dam.

A law enforcement source in Oswego County says it appears a man was using tannerite. Tannerite is an explosive used for making targets in firearms practice. It can be legally purchased.

One neighbor who contacted CNYCentral via Facebook lives on Mack Road near Routes 104 and 104B. "It sounded like something blew up... I checked my pellet stove and outside propane tank because that's exactly what it sounded like," she said.

Another man contacted CNYcentral and said that he heard "a deafening boom."

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