Oswego Mayor Barlow targets predatory landlords in new code change

Mayor Barlow will deliver the proposals on September 19th.

OSWEGO COUNTY --- Mayor Billy Barlow has announced a new proposal he hopes will hold landlords in Oswego accountable and pressure them to better serve their tenants.

The Mayor is proposing increasing the rental permit fee in the City of Oswego to $150 for a 3 year period, which he says is 5 times more expensive than the current fee. He's also going to pitch a change in local law that will give the City of Oswego's code enforcement office more authority to inspect and issue violations to landlords who intentionally disregard the law.

Under the proposal, the Code Enforcement office will be able to conduct hearings on a property and order it to be remedies, vacated or demolished if they determine it to be a danger to public health.

Mayor Barlow will be pitching these ideas to the Common Council on Monday, September 19th, 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

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