Outsourcing ambulance services in Manlius

Outsourcing ambulance services in Manlius

A quick ambulance response time can mean the difference between life and death.

When is the last time you thought about how many ambulances are on patrol where you live, or how many are ready to respond if you call for help?

Manlius and Pompey residents are now asking those questions after the Manlius Fire Chief got wind of a plan he thinks could outsource the critical service.

"This is going to be dangerous to the public and our firefighters," Manlius fire Chief, Brad Pinsky said.

Pinsky wants neighbors to listen up and ask questions.

"The residents needs as how is this going to impact us?, it's not going to cost less and it's not going to their services," Pinsky said.

He is furious with the Village Board Members as they look at the possibility of bringing in a private ambulance staff that would replace the department's already existing EMS services.

"If you bring in a private service and staff to serve this community they don't know the residents, they don't know the community, they don't know the streets and I believe this will mean a reduction in services and an increase in that you're not going to have an ambulance in the time you need it," he said.

Pinsky also says all of his members are uneasy about this possibility.

"I have a hard time believing that any company is going to provide us with two ambulances right here, like we have. We have two ambulances sitting here and four people who can ride it, and a host of volunteers who are around nights and weekends," he said.

But Paul Whorrall, mayor of Manlius, is firing back at the department.

"It's nothing to do with getting rid of our ambulance services and it's nothing to do with not respecting our services, because I have been a member for 45 years. We looked into every option and that we are weighing the cost and the benefits," Mayor Whorrall said.

Mayor Whorrall says they have not made a decision just yet, but will do what's best for the community.

"We wouldn't do it if the residents are going to be impacted, we wouldn't do it. If we couldn't provide the same service or better than we are providing now, we wouldn't do it," Whorrall said.

The committee will have their report to village leaders by the beginning of the year. Any final decision would come from the board.

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