Own family of convicted killer fears release after 30 years in prison

Sandra Olrich was murdered by her brother-in-law Howard Marnell in Jamesville 30 years ago. After he pled guilty, Marnell was sentenced to 15 years-to-life in prison. He was denied parole eight times. Last month he was granted release. Olrich's family has been in touch with the District Attorney, desperate to find a way to keep Marnell behind bars.

"We were told he would be a very, very old man before he got out and he would never be able to hurt anyone again because he wouldn't get out before he was very old and incapable of hurting someone," says Lorrie Tily, Sandra's sister.

Patrick Marnell says his brother Howard has had problems with violence and theft since childhood, and doesn't feel safe knowing he could be back in the streets in less than two weeks.

"And do I believe he's capable of doing this again? I most certainly do. Without a questionable doubt. There's no doubt in my mind," says Marnell, who was married to Tily when the murder took place.

Marnell visited Howard in jail, and in one of their last conversations, asked him why he murdered their sister-in-law. He says his brother offered no explanation.

Jessica Ward is Howard's biological daughter. She was three-years-old when he went to prison. Ward says she's terrified that she'll run into him.

"I do not consider him my family at all. I have never let people know he exists because to me he is not my dad, he is not my father," says Ward .

Ward's mother Kim was married to Howard at the time of the murder. She wrote CNYCentral a letter, saying that Howard showed no remorse the day of the murder. Before anyone learned Olrich was dead, Howard had taken Kim shopping. He sat with Olrich's family after they learned she had been killed. But as they cried, Kim says her then-husband showed no compassion.

Olrich was killed four days after she celebrated her first wedding anniversary with her high school sweetheart David. Howard Marnell had been in the wedding party.

Sandra's family is asking for people to write letters to D.A. William Fitzpatrick which he can deliver to the parole board, asking for a reversal. For more information visit the Sandra Olrich and Family Facebook Page.

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