Owner of ring found in Fayetteville sought: 'It may be somebody’s Valentine’s Day gift'

Thousands of people have shared a post searching for the owner of this ring. (Photo courtesy Rhonda Garlow)

A woman who found a ring in the parking lot of the St. Joseph’s Physician's Center says she’s been inundated with messages after putting up a post seeking the ring's owner.

However one day and thousands of shares later, she still has not found the person who dropped the ring.

Rhonda Garlow, an LPN at St. Joseph’s Physician's Center, was coming back from lunch when she happened to look down and see a wrapped purple box between two cars.

“I thought it was a child’s toy," Garlow recalled. "I looked at it, picked it up and noticed it’s a ring box.”

She brought the box inside and quickly opened it.

“It's a ring that is specially made for somebody and it’s a very lovely ring, and I think it may be somebody’s Valentine’s Day gift,” Garlow said.

Rhonda says it’s not an engagement ring, but it is a personalized ring with a name engraved inside. She does not want to release any more specifics about the ring in hopes that it will help her find the rightful owner.

To do that she posted a photo of the ring box on her Facebook page asking for help. The post has been shared close to 4,000 times.

Rhonda says shes overwhelmed with the response she’s gotten on Facebook and hopes it helps put the ring back in the hands of its rightful owner.

A spokesperson for St. Joseph’s says if the owner of the ring is out there, they should contact St. Joseph’s Physician’s Center. If the ring is not claimed by noon Wednesday it will be given to Manlius Police.

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