Parents angry over late decision to close Syracuse schools

Parents angry after school is cancelled with late notification (CNYCentral).

Parents who have children attending the Syracuse City School District are frustrated and questioning the district's decision to cancel school on Thursday morning.

A winter storm caused delays and cancellations for many districts across Central New York including Syracuse. But, parents said they were not given enough notice of the district's decision to cancel.

It was not until 7 a.m. when many students were on the bus and on the way to school, that the Syracuse School District decided to announce doors would be closed to schools on Thursday.

Melissa Mcewen is the mom of two students in the district. She said she took her son to wait for his bus at the Centro Hub, and it wasn't until then that she was notified of the closings.

"I got all the way to the hub. Then I got a call from my sister saying 'You might as well turn around cause school is closed'", Mcewen said.

Mcewen was not the only parent upset about the late notification. Manuela Morgan has two daughters who attend school in the district. She said it wasn't until 7:07 a.m. that she saw the message 'Syracuse public school closing'.

"I went on social media and posted, 'really schools closed at 7:10 a.m.' and all my friends that have kids in the school district said 'Yeah, this is ridiculous", Morgan said.

Many parents took to the district's Facebook Page to express their anger. More than 75 messages were sent, questioning the district's last minute decision to close school.

Superintendent Jaime Alicea responded to the comments saying the safety of students and parents are a main priority.

"These are not easy decisions and we try our best to make the correct decision as early as possible with the information we have available. Today our decision came later than normal and I apologize for the issues this caused many of you", Alicea said.

CNYCentral reached out to the school district to find out specifically why the late call to close school was made. The district told us they were working on it. We have yet to hear back from them.

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