Parents, officials talk about the need for more school resource officers in CNY

The latest school shooting in South Florida has brought up concerns about not having enough protection in schools.

The Auburn School District has seven schools and four full-time school resource officers.

Auburn's police chief says they are split up between campuses and the program is funded mostly by the district.

"The city of Auburn and the Auburn School District have a great collaboration and partnership, that has extended over a decade," said Chief Shawn Butler.

They used to have two more officers, but cuts in funding forced them to scale back.

Chief Butler says after the latest school shooting the need is stronger than ever.

"I fully support it, I would always look to expand our program," added Butler.

While the Auburn school district has four full-time officers, some Central New York districts don't have any. The Fayetteville-Manlius district has two.

"The fact that there's only two for an entire district is not a very comforting thought to me," explained mother of two Rebecca Shiroff.

She says Central New York Districts need to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

"That's the problem with the mentality sometimes that you see especially in smaller towns and districts like F-M. 'Something like that would never happen here. That's what they said at Sandy Hook, that's what they said at Parkland," said Shiroff.

She says the thought of children in danger at school should fuel the discussion to add more funding and more protection.

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