Passengers at Syracuse Airport on standby for Hurricane Florence

Flight schedule at Syracuse Hancock Airport (CNYCentral Photo)

Even though Hurricane Florence is expected to make landfall days and thousands of miles away, plane passengers in Syracuse are keeping a close eye on the monster storm.

Many people at Syracuse's Hancock Airport are anxiously waiting to see whether the hurricane will impact their travel plans.

The airport on Tuesday was filled with passengers flying to and from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Nora Keith is in town from Raleigh. She booked this trip months ago, not knowing this would happen.

"I planned way in advance for a reunion and a shower, but I'm glad it worked out the way it did," Keith said.

Ahead of the hurricane, millions in the Carolinas and Virginia are being told to evacuate. Keith said it's been chaotic down south. Many don't know what to expect.

"Well,there is no gas, obviously there is no water," Keith said. "Everybody is preparing for the worst. It's supposed to be really bad and we've lived through some bad ones. We know what it's like."

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Passengers who flew into Syracuse from Charlotte are already working on alternative plans to get back home.

"If it doesn't work out for Friday afternoon, I'm sure it will be a Saturday morning flight," Keith said. "I'm going to try to see what the availability is of a Thursday evening flight."

Some passengers are left worried about whether or not they'll have to change their flight plans.

They said it's better to be safe than stuck.

"Our plans could be impacted. If it doesn't get cancelled, it looks like Charlotte is sort of out of the path right now but we may still go. We'll see what happens I guess," Keith said.

Several airlines are already issuing travel alerts. American, delta, frontier, jet blue and southwest are waiving their fees to airports projected to be hit by the hurricane.

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