Missing peekapoo back home safe after woman tries to sell dog on Facebook

SANDY IS HOME.transfer_frame_0.png

It was a happy ending and safe return home after a dog went missing on the Fourth of July.

After watching video recorded by her home security cameras, Kimberly White thought it might be the last time she ever saw her beloved dog, Sandy.

"I was just so angry and frustrated. How can somebody take somebody else's dog and not care?" White said.

Sandy got out of the front yard fence on the Fourth of July.

Just minutes after, a white car pulled up and Sandy was gone.

After two days of not sleeping and checking everywhere for her dog, it was the message White was waiting for.

"I kept getting a beeping, so I looked at my phone and it was a person sending me the information of a female trying to sell Sandy," White said.

It was about a Facebook post that read "I'm moving and cannot take her with me 250 or your best offer."

Pictured below was a dog that looked just like Sandy.

A family member of the poster reached out to White and then she contacted the police.

White met officers at the poster's home, and soon after, an officer came out with Sandy.

"I opened the door and I jumped out and I started crying. My husband started crying. We were just overwhelmed with the joy of knowing we got her," White said.

Sandy jumped out of the officer's arms and ran to White.

She is grateful for the people who helped get Sandy back.

"To a lot of people a dog is just a dog, but to us, it's a family member," White said.

Police said the poster told them she bought the dog and did not know it was stolen.

So far, no charges have been filed.

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