Pets get the help they need here in Syracuse

Both cats and dogs were able to get some much needed attention at this clinic.

More than one hundred cats and dogs received some basic care today at the Assumption Church on the north side of Syracuse. It was all thanks to the Shamrock Animal Fund as they put on their twelfth clinic in two years.

Pet owners who couldn't afford a full-priced vet visit were able to bring their cats and dogs to receive a check-up, rabies vaccination and nail clippings for much less than a typical vet visit.

Jamie Pomilio-Mulcahy is the President of the Shamrock Animal Fund. "We're in these neighborhoods trying to help people do the right thing for these animals for many of these pet owners its an introduction to proper vet care," says Pomilio-Mulcahy.

Being in the season when cats give birth to kittens, this introduction included informing pet owners about how to get their pets spayed or neutered. Dogs were able to be licensed to help keep down the amount of stray dogs throughout the city.

Everyone out here at the clinic was happy, including Maryann and Meghan Vanauken. They could get their pets the help they needed for only ten dollars. "I think it's great and all these people that volunteer to give their time to help with something like this. I just think it's a great idea, a great cause," says Maryann Vanauken. "It feels really good to make sure they're healthy, get them looked at this young," says Meghan Vanauken.

During these checkups doctors also examined animals to check for health problems that might need some further testing. Vets from throughout the area came to donate some of their time and knowledge, all to help a worthy cause.

Ada Norris is a vet student from Cornell. "People are willing to do whatever their pets need, sometimes they just need to figure out what that is. It's really nice to be able to do that and it's really nice to be just even be able to cut their nails," says Norris.

Pets here left with more than just a nail clipping and their loving owners gained the knowledge they can use to keep their pets healthy.

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