City of Syracuse to start accepting credit cards for taxes, tickets and more in 2019

'Sorry, no credit cards' signs will be phased out for Syracuse bill paying. The city will soon accept cards for paying taxes, water bills, parking tickets and even parks services like skate rentals. (Andy Wolf, photojournalist)

Big changes are coming to the way you can pay bills to Syracuse City government: the city is signing on with a company that will allow credit card payments. Right now, most payments for taxes, water bills or parking tickets must be made by cash or check.

First to see the change will be the Parks Department, specifically Clinton Square, where they hope to start accepting credit card payments for skate rental and rink time in early January. Finance Commissioner Dave DelVecchio says they'll extend it to other parks and other city departments.

Finance hopes to get credit card use for paying taxes by when April payments are due (Bonus: those big bill payments on your credit card could add bonus points to your account)

Another change on the way with the new system: the company has agreements with Family Dollar, CVS Drugs and Seven Eleven to accept city payments, cash only at this time, but DelVecchio says those payments could be accepted at stores outside the city as well, meaning --for example--a suburban resident who gets a city parking ticket won't have to go to City Hall (or mail it away) to pay.

It's all an effort to make it easier to pay, and for Syracuse to collect on what's owed.

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