Photo contest winners at Onondaga County Parks

Onondaga County Parks' Winter Photo Contest included entries from all parks for the first time this year. Take a look at the winners

Onondaga County Parks asks visitors to take pictures for a winter photo contest, and for the first time this year, photos from all the parks, not just the zoo, were eligible for the contest.

The winners, and the judging panel, have just been announced. I was very honored to be asked to be included--the judges saw finalists, and they were all wonderful, and as a group showcased the diversity and beauty of our park system. The judging panel included Jason Smorol - Syracuse Mets General Manager, Big Mike Fiss - Former Longtime CNY Radio Personality (and frequent photo contest judge), Tom Lenweaver - Local wildlife artist, Mark Nicotra - County Executive Communications Director, Bill Lansley - Parks Commissioner, and myself.

You can look at all the winners, and more, at the Parks website:

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