Police concerned about traffic issues with Chick-fil-A opening in Cicero

Chick-fil-A opening later this week in Cicero (CNYCentral Photo)

Customers lined up bright and early Thursday morning for the opening of first Chick-fil-A in central New York. Authorities are ready for what may be a traffic nightmare.

Chick-fil-A employees will be taking customers orders ahead of time with iPad's, to help ease the flow of traffic at the restaurant.

The restaurant is located in front of the Home Depot on Route 11 in Cicero.

The road already sees heavy rush hour traffic. And with Thursday's big opening, authorities are worried that the area will be congested into the weekend.

Police have been working on a plan for two months to counter this problem. They're advising that any traffic that is not coming to the restaurant and is heading northbound on Route 11 should stay in the left lane. Southbound drivers, they should stay in the right lane.

Police will be directing traffic in the area throughout the weekend to ensure their traffic plan goes smoothly.

"This one allows us to move the most traffic and keep the most traffic in here, flowing through so people could visit the restaurant," said Cicero Police Sgt. James Meyers.

Cicero Police said they learned their lesson a few years ago when Dairy Queen opened along Route 11 and caused major traffic issues. This time they are ready and say they're confident they can prevent that from happening again.

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