Police seek suspects who vandalized elk statue outside Oswego Elks Lodge

Police seek suspects who vandalized elk statue outside Oswego Elks Lodge (Photo provided by Mike Byrne)

Police in Oswego are looking for the people responsible for vandalizing an elk statue.

On Halloween, Oswego Elks Lodge unveiled its brand new elk statue. A symbol honoring the chapter's 125th anniversary and members who've died.

One week after it was installed, club members arrived to find the antlers torn off. "A lot of people worked very hard to raise the money to buy that elk," said longtime club member Thomas Milum. " We're all very hurt."

The non-profit group prides itself on charitable work with veterans and scholarships for students. The Elks handed over surveillance video to police showing the vandals, in the act.

Two people can be seen taking pictures while three others jumped on the $3,000 statue and proceeded to break the antlers.

Exalted Ruler Nelson Metz read us what he wrote in the Lodge's monthly newsletter. "They saw our statue as merely a toy for their deluded amusement," said Metz.

An essay voicing frustration, but also calling on club members to stand proud. "You can be loving and faithful," said Metz. "Yes. You can do the right thing even when everyone else seems to have forgotten how."

The group said it plans to rebuild what was damaged on the statue and has a clear message for the vandals.

"I just hope someday they find the courage and self-respect to do the right thing and own up to what they've done."

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