It's a never-ending job for plow drivers in Preble

Crews plow a road then begin to slow down while they back up and repeat. (CNY Central)

We know snowy conditions throughout Central New York make it difficult for people to drive.

But what's it like for plow drivers? Snow plow drivers from Preble say at times it can be extremely challenging.

Jeff Griswold, the highway superintendent for Preble, has been on the job for just about 19 years.

His plowing team consists of him and just two other drivers.

"We have three plow routes and so when one person isn't here we have to pick up the slack,” Griswold said.

Throughout the roads of Preble, it is not your simple straight route to plow.

Crews plow a road then begin to slow down while they back up and repeat.

"Most roads like your county and state roads you go to an end of intersection turn around and go back,” he said.

Plowing those town roads is just under a 20 mile venture, while Griswold said it is exhausting and feels like an never ending process.

"It's been a steady winter, not terrible but it just keeps chugging,” he said. "If you're not plowing you are sanding, if the snow melts and it re-freezes at night we have to go sand and salt it."

Kevin Baldwin who works alongside Griswold said he has powered through many miles while emphasizing that safety is on his mind.

"When the snow is blowing it’s very difficult to see. The snow comes off the plow and lands on the windshield and the mirrors and the wipers ice up and they don’t clear the windshield,” Baldwin said.

Both plow drivers said it may be tough at times but their main concern is making sure the roads are clear and safe for drivers.

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