Project Lifesaver even greater help in cold weather

Project Lifesaver is a way for families and care givers to keep track of loved ones who tend to wander off. With winter on its way, every minute counts when someone goes missing. There is help out there for families who care for the elderly or even handicapped children who could wander off at the blink of an eye. That help comes in the form of a simple wrist bracelet with a transmitter. If someone were to go missing wearing one, many of the county sheriffs departments around our area have receivers including one in a helicopter that can pick up the signal put out by the bracelet.

Law enforcement can locate a person at an average of just half an hour. As we head into winter, police have something they call the "Golden Hour." If a missing person isn't found within an hour, hypothermia can set in, and that can cause injury and death. Right now there are 52 people with bracelets on here in Onondaga County.

Ruth Boshart's husband wore a Project Lifesave bracelet. She said, "This is 52 families that have the peace of mind knowing that if they're loved one dissappears there is going to be help there to find them."

Undersheriff Warren Darby said, "It takes hours to find someone. The summer months you have a bigger window but coming up we know cold weathers coming real soon. If they have a family member that wanders, they need be talking to us about this program."

The sheriff's department says many more families could benefit from this program. If your interested in the program, You can call the Onondaga County Sheriffs Department at 315-435-3044. The program organizers don't want people to be deterred if they're worried about cost. They say they'll work with families who need this technology regardless of what they can or cannot pay.

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