"Garrow" comes to the Landmark Theater

The story of serial killer Robert Garrow will come to the screen here at the Landmark Theater on March 15. (CNY Central)

It was a reign of terror that paralyzed Upstate New York for decades.

The story of serial killer Robert Garrow will come to the screen at the Landmark Theater on Friday, March 15.

Ahead of the showing CNY Central sat down with Garrow’s prosecutor, Norman Mordue who tried the case.

In July 1973, the manhunt for Garrow competed for headlines about Watergate and the Vietnam war.

Garrow was charged with molesting two girls after kidnapping them from an ice cream stand in Syracuse.

He also murdered a 16-year-old girl named Alicia Hauck in Oakwood Cemetery.

“Garrow,” the movie tells the story of the most terrifying person in the history of Upstate New York, the killer Robert Garrow.

"I just wanted to convict him. It's horrible,” prosecutor Norman Mordue said.

Norman Mordue, now senior U.S. District Judge, was just out of law school when this case was brought to him.

Mordue prosecuted Garrow for kidnapping and molesting two girls in Syracuse, the killings of Alicia Hauck in Syracuse and young couple at a camper in the Adirondacks.

"People were scared. The Adirondack Mountains got shut down that summer because when they had the manhunt,” Mordue said.

The independent film "Garrow" tells Robert Garrow's story through the testimony of his murder trial.

Prosecutors had enough to convict him but Garrow is suspected of doing much more.

Many of those secrets died with Garrow, a man compared to serial killer Ted Bundy.

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