Prosecutors: Two bombs found in alleged plot against Muslim community capable of exploding

Two bombs found in alleged plot against Muslim community capable of exploding

The FBI says two improvised explosive devices connected to an alleged plot to attack a Muslim community were capable of exploding.

The information was released in court Monday, where the youngest of the four people accused of making the plot appeared.

Two months before his arrest, prosecutors say, Nicholas Pheilshifter showed a friend a plastic tube covered in duct tape and called it a bomb.

Prosecutors say that’s enough to keep the 16-year-old charged as an adult.

Three devices, two tubes and a mason jar were taken from Pheilshifter’s home. A witness told police, in November, he was shown one of the devices, and that Pheilshifter identified it as a bomb.

The FBI lab in Quantico tested all three devices.

“The report does indicate that two of the three are, in fact, functioning improvised explosive devices, or IEDs, and the third device is a partially-assembled IED and capable of being completed to then be a working device,” said prosecutor Matthew Schwartz.

The judge did not buy the argument that the device was equal to displaying a dangerous weapon and ruled, under Raise the Age, this case should be moved from Criminal Court to Family Court. Prosecutors have 30 days to fight that. For now, the defendant remains held at the Monroe County Detention Center on $1 million bond.

Meanwhile, it was learned Monday that two other suspects in the case, Vincent Vetromile and Brian Colaneri, were indicted on at least one felony charge each by a grand jury.

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