Public hearing still open for LeMoyne Manor zoning change


At a public hearing inside Salina Town Hall, board members heard from people about a proposed commercial to residential zone change for the LeMoyne Manor site on Old Liverpool Road.

Developers from Longley Jones Management hope to build a 90 unit apartment complex on the site, which is double the amount of housing units allowed by current zoning laws.

"Our goal is to do something that withstands the test of time. We want to do something unique to the town, something the people of Salina will be very proud of," Scott Dumas with Longley Jones Management said.

While their final project goal is lofty, it's not set in stone. Developers say right now they're focused on the next step, which is getting the residential zoning change.

"This is the very early start of that process. We have a lot of work to do. The goal is to work within the town's existing zoning rules," Dumas said.

Only one person took the podium to raise concern over the project.

"There's not enough parking and I'm very concerned with over-utilization of these properties," a neighbor to the site said.

The town is proceeding with caution knowing the developer's proposal would a require a number of variances, or exceptions to their current zoning laws like the number of housing units and the height of the structure.

Town Supervisor Mark Nicotra knows it's a tough ask.

"Variances are for a couple extra units, or a few extra parking spaces, some adjustments to make a project go forward. This is asking a lot more than that so the board is asking a lot more questions," Nicotra said.

The public hearing period is still open. People will have another chance to speak about the proposed zone change at the town board meeting in March.

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