Questioning Halloween candy as parent reportedly finds rocks in Mexico stash

Investigators in Oswego are tight-lipped about a report of rocks found in Halloween candy in Mexico (Courtesy: D.A. Greg Oakes).

Investigators in Oswego are tight-lipped about a report of rocks found in Halloween candy in Mexico.

At 9:24 p.m. Wednesday, Oswego County District Attorney Greg Oakes emailed CNYCentral, asking us to warn people in Mexico. He said he received a report from two people who took their children trick-or-treating in the town of Mexico. The parents said they found a dots candy box had been opened and the candy replaced with rocks then resealed.

Oakes followed up with a phone call to the newsroom minutes later to confirm we got the email, but since then we have tried via phone calls and emails to get a hold of the district attorney and other law enforcement to learn more about this. No one has responded yet.

CNYCentral has not received any other reports of tainted candy from concerned neighbors in Oswego County or elsewhere in Central New York.

The image has been circling around the town of Mexico since Wednesday night. Many parents there tell us they have been double-checking their candy.

Meanwhile, Five Star Urgent Clinics are helping parents check their children’s Halloween candy. They opened their doors Thursday evening for the public to come and X-ray their Halloween candy for some added peace of mind.

Five Star Nurse Practitioner Shellie Rizza said if parents don’t x-ray the candy, there are things they can do to check the safety of their kid’s stash.

“Inspect it. Make sure all the packages are closed and if they're not, toss that one,” said Rizza. “Make sure there are brands of candy they are aware of, they know of them. Nothing new. If it looks strange to you then toss it off to the side."

The X-ray event ran until 6 p.m. Thursday.

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