Rally calls for end to drone attacks

drone rally

Hundreds crowded in to listen to Dr. Cornel West speak about the relationship between racism, poverty and drones in Syracuse.

At the Tucker Baptist Missionary Church, West said all lives should be saved from drone attacks, no matter where they live.

"A child in the black hood and a vanilla suburb has the same value as a child in Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. They're dealing with terrorism on the outside," says West.

West is a professor emeritus at Princeton University. Along with everyone else out protesting, he says reaper drones flown from Hancock Air Base are responsible for unnecessary death overseas.

"It's a moral issue, it's a spiritual issue. This is being done in our name. There must be a spotlight cast on the innocent people being killed in the name of the U.S. people," says West.

John Amidon was arrested at the same protest at Hancock Air Base last year. He says he would never miss this opportunity to make his voice heard.

"The killing hasn't stopped. I refuse to be complicit with the killing of children. We do things like signature killing where we're killing by profile," says Amidon.

Linda Abrams and Gloria Osborne marched to the entrance of Hancock Air Base with hundreds of other protesters. They were greeted by a line of air guardsmen as they laid flowers in honor of children who were killed by drone attacks overseas.

"We're taking a stance to say that the murder of innocent people, especially children is immoral," says Abrams.

"They're a way of killing people without even knowing who you're killing. You're pushing a button, it's a remote control computer game," says Osborne.

Protesters plan to continue rallying for change every year, until they get what they want.

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