'REAL ID' to be required to board domestic flights starting in 2020

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Imagine this scenario: You're prepared with everything you needed for your trip when you got to the airport. And that includes your drivers license.

But when you made your way to the TSA, agents tell you that your ID isn't "real."

And that means you won't be flying.

While that didn't happen to Walt Welton, it could happen in the future if you procrastinate. By the fall of 2020, a standard drivers license will no longer be acceptable in New York to board domestic flights.

Starting Oct. 30, New York state will begin issuing documents so people can get a REAL ID to use when flying across the country. The REAL ID will require you to renew your drivers license at the DMV in person. You will need to provide extra documents and they will take a new photo of you.

"Nobody is going to tell you about this until I show up at the airport," Welton said.

If this all sounds like a big pain in the neck, you can simply use a passport to fly, but Harris Kuhr from Triple-A said that can be risky.

"I always say its a good idea to have backup plan," Kuhr said. "Especially being in the travel industry, its always good to have more than one option."

Enhanced drivers licenses, which allow motorists to cross into Canada or Mexico without showing a passport, will still be permitted to use when traveling on domestic flights.

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