Red Cross brings emergency water supply to Blodgett Mills a week after flooding

Blodgett Mills

A week after a flash flood ripped through the community of Blodgett Mills in Cortland County, the American Red Cross is delivering an emergency supply of drinking water to the residents.

Blodgett Mills was hardest hit by last week's torrential rainstorm, flooding out many of the homes and contaminating drinking wells. This week, many of the homeowners took samples of their drinking water to local laboratories, and they tested positive for coliform and the e-coli bacteria.

The Cortland County Health Department became aware of the contaminated well water in the last two days, according to Michele Whalen who manages the Red Cross office in Cortland County. She says the Red Cross is shipping cases of bottled water from a warehouse in Oriskany and will set up a distribution center in Blodgett Mills. Whalen says each family will be receiving three cases of water.

In addition, the Cortland County Health Department is telling residents to boil their tap water before using it for washing or other purposes.

Flood victim Dawn Brown complained to CNYCentral's Jim Kenyon that the residents there were not getting assistance from county agencies until recently. She says many people in the hamlet continue to pump out water from their basements a week after the flash flood hit the community. She says many of the homeowners were unaware of the contamination and were continuing to drink the water. She has been supplying many of her neighbors with test kits to take to local laboratories.

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