Relatives react to potential contamination of James Square water

SYRACUSE, N.Y.---As news broke of potentially contaminated water at James Square, concern was settling in among those who have family members as residents here.

They say they don't care if it's legionella in the water or something else- they don't want it touching the lips of their loved ones.

Suzana Stojcev's mother has late-stage Parkinson's and lives at James Square.

"She has progressed to stage five so she's basically dying right now," said Stojcev.

She and her husband come each day and bring her mother food but they rely on the water at the facility,

Suzana came earlier today and recalls her mother drinking the water.

"I did that earlier today this morning and I was not aware until on our way here when my son called and told us that the water was contaminated," said Stojcev, "that's a big concern."

We also met Gloria- she didn't want to show her face on camera, worried about speaking out in a negative way about James Square, but she did rush here after her son, who is a patient called her.

"I'm going to get bottled water for my son, because he said he wanted it to take a wash-up in and to drink some of it," she said.

Others who we spoke with off-camera say they were notified by adminstration quickly, but all they care about is thier loved ones and if they're okay after this.

"If they're providing bottled water, I don't know. But whatever water she drinks, that she intakes I need it to be safe for her," said Stojcev.

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