Rep. Katko responds to tax bill

Rep. Katko responds to tax bill

As critical comments load up on Congressman John Katko's Facebook page, he took time this evening to post a video with his response.

"Let me be clear, this bill will provide tax relief for the majority of Central New Yorkers, it will provide local business with the tools they need to create jobs, innovate and reinvest in our community," Katko said.

But plenty of people remain unconvinced.

Comment after comment on the congressman's Facebook page are from people upset with what the tax bill could mean for them.

Michael Yeldon of Syracuse is confused about who congress considers to be the "middle class."

"Who is it truly actually benefiting that's what I'd like to know because it's one of those it sounds truly better than what it really is"....." Yeldon said.

Congressman Katko says the bill he voted for, if it becomes law as it is, would increase deductions and tax credits for the people of his district.

"For roughly 90 percent of my constituents, the yearly headache of rounding up state forms and documentations to fill out confusing tax reforms will be a thing of the past," Katko said.

Back at the diner, Yeldon doesn't know who to believe.

"It's hard to believe you know it's one of those situations where I think it's made out to be something better than it actually is, I would've voted no on it myself," Yeldon said.

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