Residents cleaning up after storms roll through CNY

Residents cleaning up after storms roll through CNY

Storms rolled through Central New York Monday afternoon, and people say there was a strong one in Vernon Center.

Jim Brown and his wife Karen came home to damage after the storm.

“This tree took out went all away across actually across the road it’s so big, and then it went all the way over to the church parking lot over there,” Jim said.

He said he is thankful the tree did not fall on his house.

“It’s going to take us a few days. I got a guy coming tomorrow to take down the rest of this tree. As you can see it’s split right in half. My concern is this part is really heavy, and there’s not much holding it,” he added.

“First, I was shocked, but I was glad it didn’t hit my house or the neighbor’s house and just fence damage which is easily repaired. So I’m very glad the damage was not as major as it could have been,” Karen said.

The Browns weren’t the only ones that had damage. The storm blew down a few trees at The Quiet Valley Mobile Village. It also damaged one roof. People who live there thought it would end up being worse.

“A couple of years ago we had a storm come through, but it only knocked out one tree. Most of the time we get heavy rain there is a creek down below, but it doesn’t come up that bad,” Patrick Hoose said.

The stormy weather has left an impression on the people of Vernon Center.

“Half the tree is gone it went from our yard across the yard into the church, and I couldn’t believe it. I knew it was a big tree, didn’t think t would go that far, but it did,” Jim said.

Everyone said they are glad no one got hurt due to the storm and that it will be a process to clean up all the damage.

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