Residents hold meeting to bring forward complaints, allegations against Van Duyn Center

Van Duyn Center in Syracuse (CNYCentral File Photo)

Family members continue to voice their complaints and concerns about the Van Duyn Center for Rehabilitation and Nursing in Syracuse.

Last Monday, a pastor went to Facebook with a two-year resident of the facility to voice their concerns about the nursing home, saying there were issues with the heating system and even saying it was "freezing cold" in the building.

In a Facebook live video, the resident of Van Duyn spoke out about the uncomfortably low temperatures in the facility.

She said to keep warm, she was under two blankets, a quilt and a comforter.

But now, complaints about heat have turned into open season on the facility with serious allegations of patient neglect coming forward. A meeting about conditions at Van Duyn was held Monday evening at Believer's Chapel in Syracuse. Some shared deeply personal stories about their experience at the facility.

"My wife and daughters...they have to go up there and do the work for the nurses because there's no nurses," one speaker said.

"You've got a fight on your hands. We will be fighting," another speaker said.

The people gathered at the chapel called themselves the "Family Council" Board. They have an Onondaga County legislator on their side and plan to take their message to Van Duyn, state senators, the State Department of Health and Attorney General's Office.

According to the New York State Department of Health, there were 611 complaints between February 2014 to January 2018. In the same period of time, there were 92 citations — 83 of them standard health citations, nine of them life safety code citations, three citations were related to actual harm or immediate jeopardy.

The facility told CNYCentral Monday night that the heat as fully been restored.

In a statement, Van Duyn officials said they remain concerned about heating issues and patient satisfaction.

"Van Duyn remains deeply concerned and troubled by recent heating and patient satisfaction issues at our rehabilitation and nursing facility. We can now report that heat has been restored fully to our facility, but work remains. To fully address concerns, we are eager to work with our patients, our patient’s families and our community partners to pave a path forward to provide excellent care to each of our patients. To this end, we have reached out to Syracuse community and religious leaders to garner their input and discuss ways we can best serve our patients and the Central New York community.”
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