Housemate of convicted rapist on the run: 'I've always thought he was dangerous'

Roommate of convicted rapist noticed change in behavior

Rome Police say they're continuing to assist in the search for convicted rapist and level three sex offender, Ronald Cook.

Cook was last seen in Rome on Wednesday, about twenty miles from where he lived in downtown Utica.

Cook's housemates described a recent change in behavior leading up to his disappearance.

His name still sits atop the mail slot, but Ronald Cook won't be returning to the supervised home he moved into earlier this year.

"To be honest with you, I've always thought he was dangerous," his housemate Ron said.

Now he's on the loose, after breaking out of his state issued GPS tracking device.

One of his housemates, also named Ron, described him as a loner. Someone who didn't fit in with the other eight people living in the house.

"Ron was not sociable," Ron said. "He spent a lot of time up in his room, would come down to make food, then again out he went."

Except on the weekends when Ron said Cook would wait until his curfew was up in the morning, and out the door he went.

"He would make it a habit of every Saturday, getting on the Bernie Bus, and off he'd go, to Rome," Ron said.

He says over the past few weeks Cook's attitude changed. He became more argumentative, no longer his quiet, isolated self.

"I'm kind of sorry we didn't see the signs sooner," he said.

He's also angry, saying Cook's violation reflects poorly on a group of people seeking a second chance.

"It's like pointing a finger at people on parole and saying 'hey don't trust them, don't give them a chance,' so we have a little bit of bitterness over what he's done," he said.

His housemate says along with the GPS tracking bracelet, Cook was also required to wear a device to detect any drug or alcohol use. It's unknown if he removed that device as well.

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