Safety improvements coming to Cicero following deadly crash

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A deadly crash in Cicero is shining a light on roadway dangers, triggering a push to add more safety features along Route 11.

Construction will begin next summer to add sidewalks on the west side of Route 11 between Bear Road to north of Caughdenoy Road. Crosswalks will also be installed at every intersection including pedestrian crossing lights.

This comes on the heels of a crash that claimed the life of a 20-year-old.

A week ago today Devon Coleman was walking across Route 11 near the McDonald's when he was hit by a truck.

Many people say it's about time pedestrians get their own space.

It's these roses that remind drivers at the red light of 20-year-old Devon Coleman.

Isaac Jervis worked with him at McDonald's.

"It was actually him, he who got killed," Jervis said. "Fun person to work with, always happy, always happy to be there."

Coleman died trying to cross Route 11 at Hogan Road.

"It really is, really, really busy around here," Jervis said.

An intersection with no crosswalk, for now.

"We need to have a place that's safe to shop, walk, and live," Assemblyman Al Stirpe said.

Stirpe also lives in Cicero, and has thrown his full support behind a plan to use federal funds to improve the walking experience on Route 11.

"It's been in the works for three years now," Stirpe said.

Work will begin in June 2018 on installing sidewalks on the southbound side of Route 11, from Caughdenoy Road to Bear Road.

In addition, the state will look to add crosswalks at every intersection, including pedestrian crossing lights.

"As a mother of young children and children in general, I wish it would have happened sooner," Regina Jervis said.

Regina Jervis says the dangers of this road enter her mind every time one of her children leaves the house on their bikes.

She is ready for the construction to begin in the spring of 2018.

"Been here for about six years, and it just keeps getting busier and busier," Regina Jervis said.

This is just the first phase of the project, Stirpe says he is going to work to secure funds, so the sidewalk can eventually be taken all the way north to Route 31.

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