School district does its best to beat the heat despite no air conditioning

School district does its best to beat the heat despite no air conditioning

The unusually long stretch of September heat has been hard to beat in the Baldwinsville Central School District.

That's because out of the eight schools, seven do not have air conditioning.

Matthew McDonald, the district's superintendent, said that the heat has certainly adjusted some school activities. For example, football players were walking through some drills Monday instead of running and girls soccer were taking many water breaks.

But inside the classroom, the best solution is fans and keeping the blinds closed — as well as not trying to push too much new material. But the learning must go on, he said, even though the heat can make it tougher.

As much of a nuisance the heat is, McDonald said there's no official protocol for the heat causing school cancellation.

"No, there is no policy as it relates to closing schools. Obviously that doesn't mean I wouldn't close school if that became a health and safety issue for kids," McDonald said. "But what we do is, the real feel of 96 degrees, we would cancel all in or after school activities — band, arts. We could cancel."

He also said parents can decide to keep their students coming in if they are concerned.

"If a parent wants to keep student home because of heat, that's fine. I don't get in the way of that," McDonald said.

When asked if he would like to install air conditioning in all buildings, he said he would love to, but that is unlikely, given that it is typically not needed.

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