Seasonable situation today, watching a new system Tuesday into Wednesday

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Good morning! Here is what you need to know before you go.

Temperatures around sunrise are mainly be between 62 and 67. However, the coolest countryside locations of the central and southern tier are between 57 and 62. Numbers should rise into the lower to middle 70s by the end of the morning.

There are some patches of cloud cover over portions of central New York early this morning. Some isolated fog is also possible. Otherwise, those areas that have the thickest cloud cover should give way to a mixture of clouds and sunshine through the morning. Other areas that have less cloud cover should have sunshine faster this morning.

During this afternoon, I am expecting sunshine to mix with some fair weather clouds. High temperatures should reach the upper 70s to lower 80s across our entire area. These numbers are exactly normal and seasonable for the middle to end of August.

I have attached a video forecast showing an hour-by-hour progression of today’s weather hour-by-hour and place-by-place across central New York.

A new weather system will come into our area in a few segments starting midday Tuesday and ending during the day Wednesday. As of right now, it appears that we will have the threat for a few passing scattered showers or a thundershower midday Tuesday into early into the afternoon, another opportunity for scattered showers and thunderstorms Tuesday night and some leftover light scattered rain showers or sprinkles for at least the first half of Wednesday.

While the best chance for the heaviest total rainfall from the system appears to be west of all of central New York, parts of Seneca county near the Lodi area and parts of Oswego county near the Pulaski area only needs about 1 inch of rain in about an hour in any downpours to cause localized flash flooding in these areas that saw flash flooding last week. Therefore, we will watch these individual scattered showers and thunderstorms to see if they cross these areas or not during the timeframe described above.

I have attached another video forecast showing you the Dog Walking forecast, the “Mow or No” forecast, and the forecast for Opening Day of the Great New York State Fair.

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