Seneca Co. Sheriff: Get a call from M&T Bank Fraud Unit? Hang up

A call for help should not be followed by a request for credit card numbers, according to the Seneca County Sheriff's Office.

According to Sheriff Jack Stenberg, a phone scam is circulating Seneca County where people are called by a person claiming to impersonate the M&T Bank Fraud Unit. The alleged impersonators are asking residents to "help" them by giving the caller their credit card numbers.

Of course, it is a fraud and the sheriff urges the public to never give out any personal information, including bank and credit card account numbers.

Seneca County is not the only area to be hit by this scam. Similar fraudulent calls for "help" have been made by people claiming to represent various banking insitutions, some even claim to represent the IRS.

The Federal Trade Commission has developed multiple resources and tips to help protect consumers from falling victim.

For a list of the various phone scams, how to handle callers, and what to do if you get the call, visit .

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