Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Parts of CNY


8:30 PM Sunday UPDATE: No active severe thunderstorm warnings at this time.

A SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING means that there is imminent danger for large hail, damaging winds, lightning and torrential rain in the path of the strongest part of the storm. You should seek shelter immediately. In this particular case, strong, potentially damaging winds gusts are possible.

If your area has a severe thunderstorm warning, here is what you should do:
-- If you are outdoors, get inside your home, a strong building, or in your car. If there is no building nearby, your best protection is in a cave or ditch. Boaters should head to shore immediately.
-- When indoors, go to an interior room on the lowest level. Stay away from windows and doors. Do not use electrical appliances. Do not use the telephone, except in an emergency.
-- If you are driving, pull over to the side of the road until the storm passes. Heavy rain with any thunderstorm can flood roads quickly. Never try to drive through an area where water covers the road, even if you think it is shallow. This water may sweep your vehicle away.

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