Sharing memories of Salina Street, 1940-1980

'Strolling Down Salina Street: 1940-1980' is OHA's exhibit, set to open mid-December. They're still looking for pictures and artifacts to put on display

Onondaga Historical Association is recreating Salina Street's downtown area in 'the good old days' in a new exhibit, in its first floor gallery on Montgomery Street. The plan is to use pictures and artifacts from shops that mueum goers can stroll through, and they're asking for donations (that will be returned!) of pictures and artifacts from stores and the landmarks.

Bob Searing, who's curating the exhibit, says they'd like to see everything from shoe boxes and bags, to movie tickets and more. The exhibit oens December 19th, so if you would like to share, call OHA at 315 428-1864 and ask to speak to Tom Hunter, Bob Searing, or Pamela Priest.

The exhibit is expected to be up, well into 2019.

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