Sheena Morris family reacts to appearance on Dr. Phil Show

Sheena Morris's family gathered at Duskee's Bar and Grill in Phoenix to watch The Dr. Phil Show on Friday afternoon. Sheena's parents, Dave and Kelly, confronted Sheena's fiancee about her death on two of the shows episodes, which aired Thursday and Friday.

Sheena was found dead in a hotel room on New Years Day 2009. Local authorities initially ruled her death a suicide, but her parents are convinced she was murdered, and believe her fiancee, Joe Genoese, was involved.

Dr. Phil revealed the results of a polygraph test taken by Genoese, which showed deception when asked if he killed Sheena or was involved in her death. Genoese continued to maintain his innocence, and requested to take another test.

For Sheena's dad, Dave, the polygraph results are consistent with what he has believed from the start. "All it did was confirm what I always thought, that Joe was responsible for killing my daughter," said Dave Morris. " I knew from the second I got the phone call that Sheena was no longer alive that Joe was responsible."

For Sheena's friends, hearing the results of the lie-detector test was tough. "There's a relief, knowing that it says he [Joe Genoese] did it," said Kasey Helm. "But it's hard because it... The results don't bring her back to us."

Another friend expressed frustration with the case. "It actually just gets harder knowing that everyone keeps trying and you still fall short sometimes," said Justina Jones. "So I'm really hoping something happens now."

In early August, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement began reviewing Sheena's case. On October 12, the department made fifteen recommendations to the Bradenton Beach Police Department.

Once the Bradenton Beach Police Department reviews and completes those recommendations, the case will be reviewed by the State Attorney. The State Attorney will then decide if the case will close, remain open, or be re-investigated by the state.

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