Shoppers celebrate July 4th at Carousel Mall

July 4th is known for fireworks, parades, and barbecue. Now, you can also add shopping to that list. Stores at Carousel Mall are open for the holiday, and it's the sales that are drawing in shoppers. "I found a couple of sales at Macy's," said shopper Josephine Nuzzo.

Not everyone was familiar with July 4th deals. I thought July 4th the mall would be kind of quiet, and I wanted to take a peak at the new Apple iPad," said shopper Larry Barnett. "And I'm surprised. It's not quiet! The parking lot is quite full."

Some shoppers found the mall an escape from the sweltering temperatures outside. "It's hot," said Baldwinsville resident Jerry Lotierzo. "It's hot outside. Who wants to stay outside in 90 degree temperatures? So they come to the mall, it's air-conditioned, they walk around and have a good time."

Keeping cool while looking for red hot deals is just one way some Central New Yorkers are celebrating the July 4th holiday.

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