Sidewalk snow strategies in other areas as Syracuse struggles to start pilot program

City Spokesperson Greg Loh says they are considering using DPW crews to clear sidewalk (CNYCentral).

Old Man Winter dumped snow on Syracuse at the beginning of the week, and in some spots, it's still there.

"We're probably the last to ever get plowed I've noticed, but it's kinda hard but you know we take care of it, we get it done, we shovel," explained city resident Brian Bonner.

As the City of Syracuse struggles to find a company to clear 40 miles of city sidewalks, CNYCentral is looking at how other areas handle the issue.

The Village of Fayetteville’s Department of Public Works is responsible for removing snow from all sidewalks including residential and business district areas. It’s been their system for decades.

There are a total of six DPW workers, and two of them are tasked with focusing on clearing the snow from 21 miles of sidewalks in the village.

“We are sometimes here all hours of the night. All depends and into the next day depending on the weather,” said Corey Brown.

The amount of sidewalks in Syracuse is vastly greater than in Fayetteville or any other suburban area. The city has more than 400 miles of streets, most of which have sidewalks on both sides. The pilot program wants to clear 40 miles of sidewalks.

City Spokesperson Greg Loh says they are considering using DPW crews to clear sidewalks, “but we believe a private contractor is better suited to a pilot project at this stage.”

The company close to making a deal with the City of Syracuse backed out, citing cost and liability concerns, further delaying the pilot program.

City leaders wanted to launch the program Dec. 1.

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