Skaneateles athletes affected by concerns over drinking water

The Skaneateles School District will continue to use bottled water only until all suspicion is lifted for good on the water fountains in the schools. 

MARCELLUS, N.Y. -- At Wednesday's away game for the Skaneateles Laker girls varsity soccer team at Marcellus, the concern over drinking water was at the top of mind for parents-like Dusty Pascal.

He says in general an athlete has to stay hydrated.

"Critical. For cramps, for overall health, you know you don't want to dehydrate, and performance too you gotta stay hydrated," explained the father of five.

Varsity head coach Bob Broddus says they've been giving the players water bottles during practice-they got a boost from their opponents on the field tonight too.

Marcellus provided them with water.

"I would thank them for offering to fill the water for us so we don't have to bring the cases of bottled water with us," said the Coach, "the past few days have been very hot and we want to keep the athletes hydrated so that they stay healthy."

Something Skaneateles parents say they're glad the district is staying on top of.

"All the water fountains in school were kept contained and kids were not allowed to drink out of those," said Michele Olsen.

Also serving as a reminder of how important water is.

"We need it to survive and if we're polluting it or if there's something we can do to keep it from getting polluted then we gotta fix it, we gotta make it right," said Pascal.

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